Time Mind Life


"Glenda is the nurses nurse! She is the voice and visionary for longevity and effectiveness in the nursing profession. Glenda cares for the nurse who cares for all. Standing at a cross roads in my career, tired, anxious and venting about the uncertainty of my next move, a friend said to me "I'm not a nurse but I know a powerful nurse leader who will understand what you're going through." Without ever meeting me or knowing my career path Glenda listened with intention. She validated my experiences in the profession and offered her wisdom and insight. She helped me to align my heart, mind and spirit with my personal and professional goals to find myself again. Glenda's expertise and advocacy for nurses is the answer to many queries in our field. I am eternally grateful to her."
--Tina M. Parks DNP, MS, RN

Glenda has an invaluable wealth of knowledge and skills to help support individuals in navigating the path toward their desired level of health and wellness. It has been a pleasure to know and work with her as an integrative nurse coach. I enjoyed our sessions together and am grateful for the new perspectives I gained from our conversations throughout the coaching journey. I think you will too!
-- Bonnie Barrett RN, BSN, NC-BC, CH, HSMI

Glenda has been leading a meditation group at Sheltering Arms Day Center. Glenda is very sensitive and adapt at reading each individual. She has a calm and caring manner when interacting with the class. She is very knowledgeable in creating an environment with music and conversation, where each person will relax and be able to sink into that quiet place where one can achieve healing from mediation. Our members have dementia, and the beauty of meditation is it touches them on a cellular level. I highly recommend Glenda if you are looking to benefit from the healing properties from meditation."
--Donna Dauria- Burleigh