Time Mind Life


Health and Wellness Coaching

Health and wellness coach

Are you looking for ways to improve your well-being?

Are you interested in life style changes yet find it difficult to get started?

An effective solution can be found through Coaching.  Coaching is a collaborative partnership in which you work with Glenda to maximize your healthy lifestyle opportunities.  Coaching is provided to anyone seeking a life style change with or without a medical diagnosis.  Coaching sessions provide an opportunity for self-awareness along with the ability to focus on strengths.  Coaching can be provided either on-site or remotely.  




Strategies to Mindful Living

Are you stressed or anxious due to the day-to- day activities of work and life?

Are you seeking to cultivate a state of calm or inner peace?   

This training is designed to help motivate you to change your old ways of thinking and to embrace mindful living and self-care.  With the use of mindfulness meditation, you will experience calming effects to the body, learn exercises to help calm the mental noise, and learn tips for dealing with distracting thoughts.    This training is ideal for individuals or group settings.



Helping with strategies to a mindful living

Accountability Coaching

Transpersonal Coach

Do you start projects but never finish?

Do you have a list of projects or tasks you’d like to complete yet find yourself having difficulty getting started?

Do you feel discouraged or lack motivation when challenged with meeting your goals?

Most people know what they need to do, however have difficulty getting started or maintaining the momentum once they’ve begun. Accountability coaching will help you spring into action. As your accountability coach Glenda will hold you accountable for completing tasks, meeting your deadlines and achieving goals you’ve set yourself. Through a structured approach of self-awareness, motivation, and goal setting with intention, you’ll feel empowered to stay the course. Coaching is done on-site or remotely. It is available to those with health conditions or anyone seeking to achieve goals in other aspects of life.