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A moment of Gratitude

Posted by Glenda Bundy
11 Apr 2017 04:22 PM


My morning journal - a visit home

Posted by Glenda Bundy
03 Apr 2017 01:09 PM


I started this morning by journaling a few thoughts  after a weekend in my home town. I hadn’t been home in 12 months and while I’d expected to come back and write about a blissful weekend, I found that my emotions were varied. Prior to my departure, I’d journaled of the excitement of seeing family, particularly my mother. I envisioned harmonious days of family bliss. Don’t get me wrong I love my family and every opportunity I get to see them is terrific. I showed up jubilant and energized, however the sentiment of some of those around me was not necessarily the same.  I had to be mindful of my thoughts and emotions to avoid being judgmental of the behavior directed towards me. By journaling regularly I’m able to experience self-discovery (among other things).  My visit reminded me that by walking into a space filled with enthusiasm I should not EXPECT to have it reciprocated. However, I did as I hadn’t been home in 12 months. I needed to focus on the ability to share. Positive qualities are the norm for my family, we are awesome, yet MY visit didn’t change the personal circumstances and challenges of those around me.  I have a large family and would love to ensure that all their lives be filled with harmony, passion, peace and many other amazing qualities.  Life is a journey -journaling provides introspection during the trip.   

Nurse Glenda 

The ease of a blog.

Posted by Glenda Bundy
22 Mar 2017 10:44 AM

I recently updated my website. As you can see I took the time to create a nice color scheme, added new pictures and even created a video. Overall, I’m happy with the site yet my blog page left me with sense of nag, What do I do with it? What do I say? Who’s going to read it? Do I really have to be a “writer” to share?

I stumbled upon a blog this morning, of a new mother expressing fear and anxiety related to being in large crowds after the birth of her baby.  I could relate to her experience, yet what resonated most was she simply wrote about it! I walked through the experience with her and to an extent relived my own.  Following the blog post were beautiful and supportive comments. I was left completely inspired and motivated! Motivated to share my thoughts and feelings, while being open to those of others. If what I share brings a ray of sunshine or makes the difference in the someone’s life, I’m on it!  Of course that’s the nurse in me. Let the blogging begin!  Nurse Glenda 


Dealing with Imperfections

03 Jan 2017 10:07 PM