I recently noticed a gray hair in my eyebrow and chuckled at my own response of smiling back at myself in the mirror.  In my case I’m sure it’s a classic sign of aging, versus a symptom of a health condition. To be honest If I'd had this experience just a few years ago I may have panicked.

I believe that society’s message of aging continues to be more negative with less emphasis on the positive attributes of the normal aging process. 

Here is a description of the color gray.  Gray is boring, drab, depressing yet on the other hand can be elegant, formal, yet never glamorous.

So why am I chuckling? I’m mindful about what I think and tell myself about me.  I refuse to allow a gray hair and society’s standard of what gray hair represents to define my actions or my perception of who i am. 

To be mindful of your thoughts towards yourself is an element of self-care.  Remember to embrace who you are and be open to the natural changes of life. If you decide to make changes (for example if I decide to color that gray hair) do it for your personal pleasure and not to hide your true nature.

Be mindful of the negative messages that flow within your mind, and reinforce them with positive messages.

Be kind and truthful to yourself. To age is a blessing.