This past week a winter storm hit and left many parts of the country with unseasonably cold conditions and record snow fall.

Here in the south we experienced it for a few days, yet it quickly returned to 60-degree temperatures.

Saturday morning, I set out on my walk with the intention of focusing on the sensations of the environment.  I began walking with quick strides and minimal awareness of my surroundings.  I realized my mind was filled with chatter and my body was on autopilot.

I was out of touch with the world around me.  This walk felt like work.

In this moment, I decided to transition meditation into this walk.

I slowed my pace and began to walk with gentleness, noticing the sensations of my feet touching the ground.

I consciously relaxed my body, mind and established a natural rhythm with my breathing

I was present. The air was warm and breezy. I observed blades of grass through the melting snow.  I could hear dogs barking from afar. The chatter in my mind decreased. I felt at peace.

Walking meditation can be practiced at any time.  I am pleased to have experienced the benefits of cultivating mindfulness through walking.