May is Mental Health Awareness Month.


What do you do when the day to day challenges of life become overwhelming, and you lose the ability to meet life’s demands?

Being overworked, loss of a job, relationship issues in the family, unexpected love loss, among other things can cause overwhelming emotional stress.

Excessive  stress can lead to anxiety or depression.

 Many people attempt to push through it, afraid to seek help due to the fear of what others may think of them.

Often we hear “shake it off or work through it”.  Ignore this type of advice.


Seek professional help if you; develop feelings of hopelessness, lose interest in activities that once made you happy, experience changes in sleep and appetite, feel there is no value to life, or self medicate with drugs and alcohol. 

Start with a good Psychologist or Psychiatrist.  If your employer offers an Employee Assistance Program utilize the benefits. Self- care includes taking care of your mental health.