I recently updated my website. As you can see I took the time to create a nice color scheme, added new pictures and even created a video. Overall, I’m happy with the site yet my blog page left me with sense of nag, What do I do with it? What do I say? Who’s going to read it? Do I really have to be a “writer” to share?

I stumbled upon a blog this morning, of a new mother expressing fear and anxiety related to being in large crowds after the birth of her baby.  I could relate to her experience, yet what resonated most was she simply wrote about it! I walked through the experience with her and to an extent relived my own.  Following the blog post were beautiful and supportive comments. I was left completely inspired and motivated! Motivated to share my thoughts and feelings, while being open to those of others. If what I share brings a ray of sunshine or makes the difference in the someone’s life, I’m on it!  Of course that’s the nurse in me. Let the blogging begin!  Nurse Glenda