My Birthday

This month I celebrated my birthday.  I decided not to make any plans as I yearned for a day of reflection. No fanfare, gifts or special dinner.  I wanted the opportunity to be spontaneous, to do or not to do.  To simply experience being.

The day provided the opportunity for me to reflect on where I am, where I’ve been and where I’m going.

I can start by saying I’ve been to a lot of places, mentally, physically and emotionally. Life has presented a variety of storms.  I survived the storms, yet must admit the damage from a few left me cleaning debris longer than expected.  The cleanup created an opportunity for me to mature, become resilient and embrace that life isn’t always fair.

Today is today. I’m living in the moment. Embracing the beauty of being me. Loving myself and as a result promoting healing in my life. I’m grateful for this journey. Walking in love with myself hasn’t always been a priority, however now that I do it everyone around me reaps the benefits. I’m better prepared for new storms and thankful that God protects.

Where am I going? I’m confident that it’s to many beautiful places, mentally, physically and emotionally. Places where I can show love, compassion, and teach others the benefits of taking care of themselves.

Places where I can motivate and inspire. Places where I can relax, revive and feel refreshed. Happy Birthday to Me!!!